Saturday, 15 September 2012

Hello, there.

The first post like first of everything has a little bit of excitement and a fear that it's going to be old, a routine soon. Do I want to escape that monotonous, banal state of mind? Instinctively, yes - logically, no. 

I have often enjoyed the first's. Except my first kiss with a girl (I'm a fantabulous kisser but it's the girl whom I'm indifferent towards. Few drinks and I'm a gonner.) and my first time (again, alcohol does me no good). It's more of a whine then regret. I hope a blog would do me less harm. 

I plan to speak few of my thoughts here. The ones I wouldn't usually share with anyone. Being anonymous is bliss 'til you remain so.

Make love, safely -with War, you can take chances.

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