Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday blues

Ever had those days when you wished you weren't alone sulking in your bed. I forgot to add, those days when you've got bad cold, moderate to high fever and an itchy throat, when you hate the world even if you you've exceptions marked inside your head. Yes, you hate everyone except that in that hate there's a deep underlying wish someone would call and listen to you whine about how terrible it is that you're always at the suffering end, how unfair it is out of all the people you've to get infected with some virus, that too when the week has just started and you've so much workload to get done with. Oh, and forget about the social life. No one wants a contagious friend around, so it's better to act like a snob and avoid others altogether.

On days like these I miss being someone's Delilah. Even a long-term relationship will do, if I've comforting words from Mr. Beloved. Be cheesy, spoil me, hear me out, and tell me the world revolves around me, till I am back to my good health. When I can again start using my rational faculties and think about hundred reasons of how you aren't suitable for me, how our relationship won't work out, how there are no happy endings. But that's for future. Today, let me believe in you.

Did I forget I pushed that You away from myself, my life some time ago, all that is left are few poems and leftover memories in my head. Delusions of a sentimental heart.

Pray.Get Well Soon. For Your Own Sanity.

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